Amherstburg Welcomes New Deputy Fire Chief

A new deputy fire chief is joining the ranks in Amherstburg.

Paul Acton brings 35 years of experience to the job from the police, fire and emergency services worlds.

Acton says he's looking forward to joining Amherstburg's younger department.

"There's a lot of young members here now. So trying to pass on from the old guys to the young guys what we've learned over the years. Just hopefully keep everybody safe and healthy and ensure the safety of the community. I'm looking forward to working with the community here and with the team in Amherstburg."

He says it's important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fire service.

"There's so much new science. There's so much new technology. Just the whole fire behaviour has changed drastically over the last 15, 20 years and keeping up with the changes and making sure that we're all familiar with best practices and ensuring that we have a safe, professional fire department focused on customer service."

Acton says he's up for the new challenge.

"It's a whole new staff to meet and get to understand the needs of the firefighters and the responders and helping to enhance their service delivery. We have a very young service now, there's a lot of changeover, there's a lot of new people and making sure that they can do their job safely and efficiently."

Acton comes from Windsor Fire and Rescue where he's been serving the community since 1990.

His first day on the job at Amherstburg Fire was Monday, April 9.