Ancient Artifacts Found At Sandwich Roundabout

A group of archeological items dug up at the Sandwich Roundabout is now on display at the Chimczuk Museum.

Dozens of items from ancient pre-history arrowheads to pottery pieces and century old nails have been unearthed.

The work was done from June to November last year by a team led by archaeologist Jim Molnar.


May of areas excavated by archeologists at the Sandwich Roundabout (by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says the range of items found in the small site that has been undisturbed since the ice age glaciers receded is remarkable.

Molnar says one piece - barely the size of a dime - is close to 10,000 years old.


Ancient arrowhead found at the Sandwich Roundabout, estimated 7500 BC, Chimczuk Museum, March 8, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"This little projectile point is - this is called a bifurcate base point - so we know comparing the styles what kind it is and how old it is and so this is around 7500 BC"

Molnar says 2 other arrowheads that are 3000 years old show the distance trading was happening before Europeans.

"So that small projectile point, dart point probably, and the raw material comes from Saginaw Bay area in Michigan.  Because these are distinctive the different raw materials, we know these come from Eastern Ohio"

Molnar says a tiny piece of brass is an indication of the first interaction with Europeans about 400 years ago.

"We're more confident assigning names kind of matching up names and peoples.  The French were trading with the Anishnaby and bringing kettles and other items of trade so this is the beginning of the Beaver trade"

Molnar says the items on display represent only a small fraction of the thousands of items they have found.

Documentation, categorization and study of those items is ongoing.

He say no decision has been made about where to permanently display what they've found.

The archeological process was overseen by First Nations including Walpole Island and the Caldwell and one group from Quebec.