Anger In Essex Over a Lack Of Funding For Car Show

Essex town councillor Randy Voakes is once again at odds with his council colleagues.

He helps to organize the annual 'Essex Rocks and Rolls Car and Motorcycle Show'.

He asked council for $6,000 to help put on the event but received only $2300.

"There is a demand for something like this," says Voakes. "My purpose is to get everybody downtown, walk the streets, and see what Essex may have to offer them and when they leave town hopefully they'll come back. When I've got a council who sits in a back room and goes, "How are we going to get people downtown?". Well I've proven I can get people downtown and I'm going to get three times as much this year, but I need a little help."

Voakes, along with the rest of the show committee, plan to be at Tuesday night's council meeting to ask for additional funding.

The car show is scheduled for May 26th.