Another Increase In Windsor's Jobless Rate

Windsor's unemployment rate has increased for a third straight month.

The local jobless rate grew to 7.3% in September, up from 6.6% in August.

It was 6% in July. It was 5.8% in September of 2017.

Statistics Canada says the country's overall job market bounced back last month from August with a gain of 63,000 positions, edging the unemployment rate lower to 5.9%.

The agency says September's increase in employment was largely driven by gains in part-time work, with part-time jobs up by around 80,000.

 On a year-over-year basis, Canada gained 222,000 jobs since September of 2017.

Stats Canada says September's gains were seen almost entirely in Ontario and British Columbia, largely in construction, with little change in the other provinces.