Aphria Profits Soar, Destroys Batch Due To Staff Shortage

Aphria is reporting a quarterly profit of nearly $21.2-million.

That's up from $15-million in the same quarter a year ago for the Leamington based marijuana company. 

Shares in the company soared at the start of the week on a report American tobacco giant Altria Group was in talks with Aphria to acquire an equity stake. 

BNN Bloomberg also reports Aphria destoryed a batch of weed because it could not find enough skilled production workers in time. 

Aphria reports it disposed of 13,642 plants after "a lack of qualified local labour" for greenhouse jobs slowed harvesting. 

It means that one week's crop rotation outgrew maximum quality. 

The company says when its fourth $150-million expansion project at Aphria One and the Aphria Diamond facility is complete in the spring of 2019, it will have an annual production capability of 255,000 kilograms of marijuana.