Arch Proposed For Sandwich Town

Windsor may soon have something in common with Paris and St. Louis.

The city is looking at installing an arch on Sandwich St. between Paterson and McKee Parks. The arch would include plaques relating Sandwich town heritage stories.

The issue will be discussed this evening at the Planning, Heritage and Economic Development Standing Committee meeting.

West-end advocate Terry Kennedy will be in attendance.

He says he wants more information on the project before deciding if he's in favour of it.

"Some of the people in Sandwich town have no idea that if in the future there's ever a trolley that's suppose to be coming down this way, that literally kills the hydro wires and trolley from literally coming into Sandwich town."

He says he has a number of questions about the arch.

"There will be now a height restriction for trucks and buses and if there's going to be a Santa Claus parade in the future well, there's going to be definitely a limit on how high Santa Claus is going to be.  I guess the little reindeers are going to have to fly him over top of that barrier."

He doesn't believe an arch will bring people to the community.

"The heritage committee seems to be being pulled by the noise," says Kennedy. They seem to be somewhere else when we're trying to defend the heritage down here."   

The report states administration will reach out to the public for heritage stories that could be on display.

It also says the arch would be a welcome addition to the gateway into Sandwich town.

Earlier this year, the city approved the Sandwich Town roundabout project as well as the installation of the Chief Tecumseh and General Brock statues.

The cost of the arch project will be discussed at an upcoming council meeting.