Area MP's Hear Stakeholder Concerns On US Tariffs

The three area MPs have heard from industry stakeholders about the impact of the US steel and aluminum tariffs.

In a closed-door session at the Ciociaro Club NDP MPs Brian Masse, Cheryl Hardcastle and Tracey Ramsey listened to the concerns.

The main message is that the tariffs are already having a significant negative impact and help from Ottawa needs to come faster.

Windsor-Tecumseh's Hardcastle says industry representatives told them the delays are costly.

"The government needs to be quickly responsive with the existing supports they've announced.  There's in one case a five-month waiting period that is not realistic.  These companies are talking about, their cash flow's being impacted"

Essex MP Ramsey says industry is calling for a seat at the table to have a voice.

"When companies are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, they're losing employees, our jobs are at risk communities are at risk.  So really being able to have access not just to the $2-billion package the government has put out, but to the process itself where we're still pushing for an exemption"

Windsor-West's Masse says Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump need to put their personal conflict aside.

"As they have their tiff in their sandbox related to their personalities the reality is people have to pay a mortgage, they want to build a car want to build a product they want to actually send a son or daughter college, they want to actually engage in their communities and be successful.,  Those are the real things and the real strength of our democracy is the individual personal relationships that make us strong"

This evening there's a public session this evening at the Ciociaro Club from 6 to 8 pm.