Area Students Will Learn About Train Safety During The Memorial Cup

Grade 5 and 6 students in Windsor-Essex will be learning about train safety during the Memorial Cup.

This morning, the organizing committee unveiled the initiative and said about 2350 students will hop on board a special Memorial Cup train at the Via Rail station in Walkerville and will head down to a VIA platform near the WFCU Centre.

Chair John Savage says from there the students will walk about five minutes to the centre and visit the Memorial Cup displays including the military zones, the CHL education displays, Hockey Hall of Fame displays and the Mopar Family Zone while learning about train safety.

He says students will travel on the train.

"It is an older train that is being brought down specifically for the school children," says Savage. "There will be somewhere between 2000 and 3000 of them moved between Walkerville and the WFCU to go out to go to the memorial site to do their visitation out there."

Savage says the committee is hoping to raise train safety awareness.

"There will be a lot of kids that will be on that train that have never been on a train before and it's a huge opportunity to promote train safety," says Savage.  

He says students will be learning about train safety.

"It is about awareness," says Savage. "It is about how fast those trains are coming, how quickly they can stop and there will be a train safety education component of this with the kids before they head out to the WFCU."   

The special train rides for the students begin next week and will last for three days.

41 area schools will be participating.