Arquette Enters Squared-Circle In Windsor

Border City Wrestling is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a special guest.

David Arquette will enter the squared-circle and participate in a tag team match-up this Saturday at St. Clair College.

Arquette is a former Heavyweight Champion with World Championship Wrestling and also starred as Officer Dewey in the Scream franchise.

"He's a guy who sometimes people are shocked about the stuff he's done in wrestling," says  Scott D'Amore,founders of Border City Wrestling. "I think one of the things that doesn't get touted enough is when he was doing wrestling appearances with World Championship Wrestling all over the world and everything, he donated every single dollar he made from wrestling to families of wrestlers who passed away."

D'Amore says having Arquette on the show is huge for BCW.

"A city like Windsor doesn't get a lot of celebrities sometimes coming through and to have an event like this and having David Arquette come in and by part of it, I think is awesome for city of Windsor," he says.  "TMZ contacted us about doing something.  I think anything that promotes wrestling, promotes Windsor and promotes St. Clair College is a triple win."

Also competing on the card is John Hennigan — in the wrestling world, Hennigan is known as Johnny Impact —  he will also be competing in the 37th season of Survivor.