Article Names Michigan Safest Place to Live in 2100

Looks like the mitten is the best place to live in the event of an environmental break down.

That could be good news for people living in Southwestern Ontario.

Peter Hess, a contributor to Popular Science, has mapped out the safest places in the US to live should climate change maintain it's current course by 2100. Michigan topped that list, more specifically, Sault St. Marie, Ont..

Hess says rising water levels, disease spreading insects, scorching temperatures and more powerful storms could shift further north. He says the interactive map is way to illustrate how environmental change might wreak havoc.

"Climate change is one of those scientific topics that draws controversy," says Hess. "But, we try to just convey these facts as best we can to readers so that they're digestible and let people do with it what they'd like."

Data was used to show how things may unfold, but Hess says they're not trying to predict doomsday.

"We're not predicting the end of the world or anything," says Hess. "It could be a hurricane for instance. We're not saying there's going to be more hurricanes all the time and the world is going to end and they're going to wipe everything away. We're just saying the hurricanes that show up are likely to be a little stronger."

Hess wants people to see first-hand where things could be heading with our environment. Real changes are already here and Hess says the map is a way of making it clear.

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