Assessing The Economic Health Of Windsor-Essex

Economic development committees across the region are teaming up to assess the economic status of Windsor-Essex.

Workforce Windsor-Essex along with 13 other organizations will be gathering data from business across the region.

The information will be put into a report for county council to help councillors with future economic decisions.

The report is the first of its kind and will focus on the current economic status and projected growth across Windsor-Essex.

Lee McGrath represents the  Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation:

She says the report will cover a wide variety of topics.

"Part of the data that we are looking for is who in our community is hiring, what type of expansions are going on, what's the business climate, are there any gaps in requirements for skilled labour for employees," says McGrath.

She says although the unemployment rate is lower than previous years, there are still gaps in the workforce.

"Once the unemployment gets down to 5.1 per cent you almost have full employment. We are starting to understand where there are jobs without people and people without jobs. We are starting to look at how we can support through training, upscaling. are all the programs in place that we need to have in place," says McGrath.

The committees will begin collecting data for the report during Economic Development Week, which is March 27-31.