Association Of Ontario Midwives Aims To Educate

A campaign to highlight the role of midwives is underway across the province.

The Association of Ontario Midwives says that for those with uncomplicated pregnancies, research shows that home births with a midwife are safe.

Association President Elizabeth Brandeis told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' the campaign is meant to educate. "Inform the public that they have options and that people that fit the criteria of having a healthy low-risk pregnancy, home birth is a reasonable and safe option."

"Being in the comfort of your own home is the major perk" says Brandeis. "The other difference is really around making choices that are very family centred. People who choose home births can chose whoever they want to have in attendance, many hospitals have restrictions on the number of support people who can be there."

"There is provincial funding for all kinds of birth options with mid-wives, including home birth," she says. "So any resident of Ontario can access the care of a mid-wife and make choices about where they have their baby."

The campaign runs until the end of March and includes 3,000 radio spots and 1.2-million digital ads.


With files from AM800's Patty Handysides