Assumption Parish Celebrates 250 Years

Assumption parish is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year.

To celebrate, the 170 year old Assumption Church which is a landmark in west Windsor will open its doors August 13th.

The church closed in 2014 due to expensive repairs that are needed

A campaign to raise the necessary funds is on hiatus.

Assumption Parish Father Maurice Restivo says although the church closed, the parish is still alive and well.

"When Assumption church building closed about three years ago, Assumption parish now continues and we are now worshipping and we have been established at Holy Name of Mary church.  If we were ever to get the funding to restore and we would return to Assumption Church, says Restivo.

He says the parish is something worth recognizing.

"We in North America don't have a lot of history in terms of years unlike when you go to Europe or the Middle East that have been there for thousands of years.  250 is a big deal.  We are the oldest parish in Canada, west of Montreal," says Restivo.

He says there will be a community celebration and BBQ held on the University Ave site.

"We haven't done anything to the inside of the church or outside of it.  The building is safe.  It's just that the diocese was not willing to let us put any money into it thinking that we would not get enough money to full restore it and we would have to close it in a few years," Restivo says.

On October 1st, Assumption Parish will celebrate its founding day of October 3rd, 1767 with a mass and gala.