Attempted Murder Trial in Windsor Adjourned

An attempted murder trial in Windsor has adjourned because the accused isn't feeling well.

Kenneth Sparks, 60, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon after two women were hurt in March 2015.

Police were called to an apartment on Ottawa St and found a woman in a bathtub with stab wounds and another woman hurt (head injury).

The crown wrapped up its case last week.

The defence was suppose to begin its arguments this week with Sparks taking the stand but he ended up in the hospital with heart issues.

He appeared in court today but the judge felt it wasn't in the interest of justice to force Sparks to take the stand and be in a stressful situation.

The judge felt it also put the crown in a difficult position to cross-examine a man with health concerns.


Kenneth Sparks outside of the Superior Courthouse in Windsor. October 12, 2017 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

The trial will resume at a future date.