ATV's and Other Vehicles Stolen in Lakeshore Recovered

A local father and son are facing charges after provincial police raided two locations in Tecumseh.

Warrants were executed at the pair of businesses last Tuesday and $150,000 worth of ATVs, utility vehicles, motorcycles and a golf cart were recovered.

The OPP says the vehicles were stolen from a Lakeshore location earlier in 2019.

A pair of firearms were also seized at one of the locations.

One of the businesses is on County Road 8 near Paquette Corners, the other is on Rossi Drive in the Oldcastle industrial sector off Talbot Road.


Recovered stolen vehicles (Courtesy of the OPP)

Steve Oliveira is the co-owner of Oliveira Equipment in Comber, where one of the ATV's was stolen, and he is relieved his vehicle has been found.

"It was the OPP," he says.  "They're the ones that called me to tell me that they executed a warrant and got one of our units that was in that pile and a bunch of some of the other dealers stuff."

Although the vehicle is now recovered, he doesn't know if he'll ever get the machine back.

"I have no idea when we'll see these units or if we'll see these units or if insurance will end up keeping them after that. I don't know what will happen with them and obviously I do know they told me there was some damage on the unit just like the other units that were left behind on our yard."

But he admits learning about the arrests and recovery is positive.


Recovered stolen vehicle (Courtesy of OPP)

Vincenzo Chiarappa Senior, 53,  of Tecumseh and his son, 25-year-old Vincenzo Chiarappa Junior of Windsor are charged with possession of stolen property.

The investigation is ongoing.