AUDIO: Anger Over Parking Tickets Issued Around Jackson Park

No apologies after more than 100 parking tickets were issued around Jackson Park in Windsor.

The city issued 110 parking tickets this past Friday night due to a number of vehicles parked on the grass around the park.

According to a Facebook posting by one person who received a ticket, a number of people were there to take prom pictures and there were no signs indicating that parking was not allowed. Each car received a $25 ticket. The posting then accuses the city of waiting for people to park there so they could issue tickets.

AM800-News-Facebook-Posting-Jackson-Park-Parking-Tickets-June 12-2017

(Photo via Wes Langlois Facbook posting)

Bill Kralovensky, Supervisor of Parking Enforcement for the City of Windsor, says they don't act unless they receive complaints.

Kralovensky told AM800's 'The Morning Drive' this is the third week in a row prom stuff has been going on at Jackson Park. "The first week, I forget who's prom it was, but it was kind of wet. We had to get cars towed out of there. Imagine the damage that was done to the grass then."

"This has been going around Jackson Park for the past three of four Friday's," says Kralovensky. "The first one we had to call Windsor police in. They were blocking Tecumseh Rd. People parked their cars on Tecumseh Rd. at Ouellette, blocking traffic on a Friday afternoon. Can you image that hectic scene?"

Kralovensky says he has no issue with anyone taking prom pictures in Jackson Park. "When you become a silly parker, I have to get involved. I didn't want to do this on a Friday afternoon. I was just pouring a nice beverage in the backyard, like I said, and I have to go back to work.

Kralovensky recommends you car pool, set something up or find other parking arrangements if you're going to be taking prom pictures in and around Jackson Park.