AUDIO: Brownish Tap Water Reported in South Windsor

Don't be alarmed if your tap water is a bit brownish in colour.

The Windsor Utilities Commission is conducting its Pipe Patrol Program and will be flushing hydrants throughout south Windsor.

WUC Director of Operations Dave Melnyk says it is meant to de-scale the pipes.

He says there isn't a safety issue with the water and it won't harm people

""Let the cold water run only, I would not run the hot water, it should hopefully clear up in 10 to 15 minutes," says Melnyk

WUC conducts the Pipe Patrol Program to 20% of the city every year.

Melnyk admits WUC has received some complaints.

"That probably affects about 40,000 people plus or minus, we have had under 100 complaints which is unfortunate."

He also recommends against doing the laundry if the water is discoloured and avoid using any hot water taps.

 Anyone with concerns can call the Windsor Utilities Commission at 519-255-2727.