AUDIO: Canada Lost More Than It Gained In New Trade Agreement: NDP Tracey Ramsey

The NDP's International Trade Critic and Essex MP is not impressed with the new trade agreement reached with the United States and Mexico saying Canada gave up more than it received.

The deal, reached Sunday night eliminates the North American International Trade Agreement (NAFTA), replacing it with the USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement).

MP Ramsey says the deal fails to lift aluminum and steel tariffs implemented June 1 which will hurt workers across Canada and could result in at least 6,000 job losses.

She adds the price of medication will rise and it increases competition for Canadian dairy farmers.

"It really is difficult to find the good parts in this deal. The Liberals had promised this win-win-win and what we are really seeing is a lot of win-lose or draw," she says.

The main winner, she admits,  is the auto industry.

"I would say that auto is a winner in terms of being able to get that exception [auto tariffs] but cars are made out of steel and aluminum, so really this whole supply chain is under threat as long as those steel and aluminum tariffs exist."

Although she says Canadians may be relieved that a deal has been reached, time will tell.

"We really have given up far more than we have been able to secure and for Canadians across the country today, it is a sigh of relief certainly that there is a deal that exists, but now it is about the quality of that deal."

Unifor National President Jerry Dias told AM800's the Morning Drive, "the [Canadian] auto sector is in better shape than it has been in the past 25 years."

Meanwhile, the president of the Dairy Farmers of Canada issued a statement Monday morning.

Pierre Lampron says "granting an additional market access of 3.59% to the domestic dairy market, eliminating competitive dairy classes and extraordinary measures to limit our ability to export dairy products will have a dramatic impact not only for dairy farmers but for the whole sector as a whole."