AUDIO: Cleantech Academy Launched In Hopes Of Sparking Interest From Windsor's Youth


30 high school students in Windsor-Essex are catching a glimpse of the cleantech world this week.

In its inaugural CleanTech Academy hosted by WEtech Alliance, students picked by the school boards, will visit local industries with a focus on how clean technology is helping the company.

Cleantech focuses on technologies that reduce environmental impacts and increase efficiencies.

Marcus Deans is a Grade 11 student at Ste.Cecile and is excited for the week ahead.

"I think everything is super cool," he says.  "Definitely one of the biggest things was Chrysler and that is going to be interesting, I love cars and that will be cool to see how cleantech is being incorporated into those and everything that is being done."

WEtech Alliance President Yvonne Pilon says most of the students in the academy are in Grades 11-12 as it is a perfect time to introduce the students to clean technology.

"It might be early but we are making decisions on our future at that age. We are looking at what institutions and what programs to take so again WEtech is involved in this to build out the talent pipeline, we want to build out this workforce army into our CleanTech community."


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Students will tour FCA Canada, Union Gas, CS Wind and tour the Detroit River by boat.

The cleantech sector employs over 55,000 people across 800 companies across Canada.