AUDIO: CNN's Anderson Cooper Coming to Windsor

CNN's Anderson Cooper is coming to Windsor.

The WFCU Credit Union has announced the inaugural speaker as part of its Inspire Program designed  to engage the community and bring renowned speakers to the area.

The journalist, television personality and author will be at Caesars Windsor on March 29th at 8pm.

"Those are the types of speakers that we are looking to bring to this community, so by our members and our community members can have access to things that we otherwise would not have had access to," says credit union president Eddie Francis.

Cooper is the anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 as well as reporting for CBS's 60 Minutes.

Francis says Cooper will talk about whatever he likes.

"He's got an open mic," says Francis.  "So he is invited and will be here for about an hour where he will speak I'm sure on current issues and I'm sure he will touch upon other issues but it will be Anderson Cooper with the Windsor community."

Tickets start at $48 and go on sale this Saturday, January 12.