AUDIO: Doug Ford Gets B+ Grade On Throne Speech

The first Throne Speech of the Doug Ford government has a limited agenda, but fulfills several campaign promises.

Ford has recalled the legislature for a brief, two-week session this summer.

He's opened it with a Throne Speech that pledges to eliminate cap-and-trade, reduce taxes and reduce electricity bills.

University of Windsor Political Science Professor Cheryl Collier says it's not a surprise the content is light.

"We didn't hear a reiteration of the that that would not impact anyone's jobs specifically," she says. Although we did hear a lot about jobs being created but that seemed to be outside the purview of the government directly.  It would be just by encouraging business practices, so getting rid of regulations that might be stifling business."

Collier says the inclusion of $3.8-billion spending on health care was unexpected.

"Usually when you're talking about getting your fiscal house in order you don't commit to spending, however if you remember on the campaign trail this was the one point all three parties did agree on was they wanted to get rid of quote-unquote hallway medicine and put some investments in health care."

Overall, Collier says the government gets a passing grade, but she's holding off on a final mark, adding "the devil's in the details so I wouldn't give it a big percentage of a grade if it's a final grade on the government, it wouldn't be easy,  maybe 5% of how we grade the first year."

Collier says the Green Party's Mike Schreiner was smart to immediately respond that the elimination of cap-and-trade will cost trillions in lost green revenue and investment.