AUDIO: Harrow Veteran Heads To South Sudan On U.N Mission

A local veteran with 37 years of experience with the Canadian Armed Forces is heading on a United Nations mission.

Major Catherine Wollocombe, of Harrow, is with the 31 Service Battalion, as the CD Officer Commanding, and is heading off to South Sudan on Wednesday.

She says unlike other tours of duty she has been on, this one will be very different because it is part of the U.N mission. Major Wollocombe says she will help out where she can.

"South Sudan right now is an independent country, however there are worrying factions that are happening, and tribal wars etc. So the United Nations resolution has indicated that we need true contributing nations to participate in that."

Wollocombe says she is ready for her two days of travel. It will take more than 30 hours and 3 stops to get there.

"I will be going over on a commercial flight as if I were a civilian and when I get to a mounting base close to Sudan, I will be trained further on the United Nations side of things."



Major Catherine Wollocombe



She says she is not afraid of hard work.

"I have no expectations therefore I will not be disappointed, with my other tours, I worked extremely hard, I worked 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week," Wollocombe explains.

She says her family is used to her responsibilities as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.  She will be deployed in South Sudan for six months.

Wollocombe served in Afghanistan as a Projects Officer and was responsible for training the Afghan National Army during a nine-month tour.