AUDIO: LaSalle Police Investigating Arson Incidents at Essex Golf And Country Club

LaSalle police are investigating a couple of arsons at Essex Golf and Country Club and in the latest incident, the suspect or suspects may have been hurt.

The first happened July 27th when a molotov cocktail was used to set a fire to a small wooden shed in the pool area.

There was only minor damage to the shingles on the roof and scorch marks.


courtesy of LaSalle police Facebook

The second attempt took place this past Saturday, August 19th, at 4:30am.

An employee noticed flashes of light coming from the snack bar area of the pool.

The fire was contained to the women's washroom and once again contained quickly. An investigation found the suspect had poured gasoline around the area before igniting the fire.  A gas can was found inside the bathroom.

Police believe the suspect or suspects responsible for the second fire may have suffered some burns or scorching to hands, face or head along with singed hair or burned clothes.

Country Club General Manager Tal Czudner says the club has been honest with its staff and members.

"We consider ourselves to be a good community partner and we are concerned there have been two incidents in the last three weeks, not only for us at Essex but for the town of LaSalle it is one of the safest communities in Canada."

Staff and club members want it to stop. "We have been very honest and the damage that we have incured, we did say it was arson somebody deliberately set fire to the area over by the pool," Czudner says, "We want our staff to be safe and we want our members to be safe."

Czudner adds security has been stepped up.

"We have added some extra camera coverage to the area just to secure our property."

Due to the damage, the pool area is closed. Police are asking anyone who may fit this description to give them a call.