AUDIO: Local NDPs Pressing For National Auto Strategy

Local NDP MPs are urging the Federal Government to come up with a National Auto Strategy.

Brian Masse (Windsor-West), Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor Tecumseh) and Tracey Ramsey (Essex) spoke together Monday afternoon on the riverfront at Ouellette Ave. with the Detroit Skyline and Ambassador Bridge as a backdrop. 

Ramsey — who is the Trade Critic — is urging the Liberal government to defend Canada's auto sector.

She says threatened tariffs from the Trump Administration on the auto industry would have a 'devastating impact' on our region.

"We need to have a plan, we need to know exactly how it will impact the jobs in our region, the sector and we need to bring that message to the government that ultimately the government needs to take action."

According to Brian Masse there have been calls for a long-time auto strategy even before Donald Trump became President.

He says "I do understand that we're dealing with a very unpredictable president, but the reality is, we have a very predictable industry that needs a strategy not only working with the men and women that are doing the jobs but also planning for the research, engineering and accessing it for other technologies for the future."

Cheryl Hardcastle says the element of uncertainty is not only devastating for businesses, but also for the local economy.

"We can all understand this, this is why there is an urgency. It will have an impact negatively on our community and we will have neighbours, family members, suffering, and that will trickle," she says.

A stakeholder meeting will be held Thursday at the Ciociaro Club. The meeting will be from 6pm-8pm. The public is welcome to take part in the session.