AUDIO: More than 150 People Attend Cancer Centre Open House

More than 150 people spent part of their weekend learning the ins and outs at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

An open house took place Saturday from 10am to 2pm, where 158 people showed up, including 41-year-old Shannon Kadar who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a month ago.

"It really is all about the staff," says Kadar. "It feels like you are being taken care of."

The Belle River resident says it was the first time attending the centre and found it to be a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Given she will be getting treatment there, she felt comforted in the staff and equipment.

Kadar was pleasantly surprised with what she discovered.

"I didn't realize they service 100 people a day just in the chemotherapy suite alone, seeing the machines, how everything works, it is amazing the techology that's available to treat cancer patients now. Thinking back to when grandparents and things go treatment, it is a whole new world."

She was also surprised to find out that Windsor is actively participating in a lot of new research and treatments, typically found in centres in London and Toronto.

"No one wants to be here, right? I mean no one wants to spend their day in a cancer treatment centre, but if you have to, this building is just beautiful, I mean, it is warm and welcoming and the staff seems wonderful."

The centre was built in 2001.


— With files from AM800's Gord Bacon