AUDIO: Windsor Group Reeling From Iceland Down Syndrome Report

A Windsor group aimed at helping families with children who have Down syndrome is reeling from a report that a European country has virtually eliminated Down syndrome because the women abort the pregnancy.

Chasing Hazel Foundation Co-Founder Stephanie Seguin says the report makes her sick to her stomach.

CBS News reports that since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, close to 100% of women who received a positive test for Down syndrome, terminated the pregnancy.

Seguin calls the stats in Iceland mind boggling and disgusting and questions the information that is given to the women about Down syndrome.

"Honestly, it upsets my stomach to think about it...I don't know...I don't know how we make these choices if we are uneducated, there is a lot of conversation going on to sit and listen," says Seguin. "There is a lot of extra work that goes in but there is not one second of the last 5.5 years with Hazel that I would trade in or that I would wish that I would have terminated my pregnancy with her. I can't imagine a world without her."

Seguin says the stats in Iceland make no sense.

"I was there. I was very scared I wasn't as always as accepting of a person as I am now but I learned and I educated myself and I have a daughter with Down syndrome who has a high quality of life and she is learning and going to school."

Seguin and her husband Matt created  the foundation earlier this year after having their daughter who has Down syndrome.