Auto Insurance Moving to the Digital Age


Changes are on the way for how you present proof of insurance to a police officer if you get pulled over.

After an announcement from Finance Minister Rod Phillips, Ontario drivers can now carry electronic proof of their auto insurance on their smartphones or other devices.

According to Phillips, the pink paper insurance slip isn't being eliminated yet, but being able to display the information on a phone can save drivers from rummaging through their glove compartments.

He says there will be a one-year phase-in period, when insurers will have to issue a paper card in addition to the electronic option if it is requested.

Electronic cards will feature safeguards that won't allow them to be altered or edited, and privacy concerns are top of mind.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says consumers have digital options in other sectors such as banking and retail, so auto insurers are pleased their customers will have the same choice.


— with files from The Canadian Press