Back to Normal for Transit Windsor's Tunnel Bus Service

It's back to normal for Transit Windsor.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says transit has been looking forward to the end of the nightly Windsor-Detroit tunnel closures.

He says transit had to adjust its schedule and on non-game and event nights, the service ended at 7pm.

Delmore says when there was a game or an event, the service had to use the Ambassador Bridge.

He says the tunnel bus will now return to its regular schedule.

"We're happy we'll be able to provide our full schedule running regular schedule seven days a week right until late in the evening around 12am," says Delmore.

Delmore says there was a decrease in the amount of riders the tunnel bus had in 2018.

"We do know that there was a 7% reduction in ridership throughout 2018.  "So there was some impact to our riders who were maybe a little bit fearful of having to go over and unsure how that would work using the bridge coming back.  However it did work out fairly well for us but we are happy we'll be back to regular route now."      

He says during the nightly closures, Transit heard from many riders that use the tunnel bus.

"I think it was more about needing to provide a lot of education about how we would operate, a lot more questions," says Delmore.  "We're fielding a lot more emails and calls with regards to it.  People were very use to how our tunnel bus operates even people that would come from out of town."          

As heard on AM800 News on Thursday, the Windsor-Detroit tunnel has ended its nightly closures.

Renovations started on the 88-year-old tunnel ceiling in January 2017 but the nightly closures did not begin until late October 2017.

The $22-million project was suppose to be completed by mid-June 2018 but it was extended a couple of times.

Some closures are still expected beginning in March.

Delmore says Transit officials will receive two weeks notice when the closures will take place.