BB Branded Launches New Simpsons Inspired T-Shirt

Perfect timing for a Windsor business.

Fresh of the heels of Windsor appearing on The Simpsons on Sunday, BB Branded Clothing Boutique is launching its 90's WinCity collection.

The first is The Simpsons WinCity inspired shirt.

Co-owner Ayad Saddy says the plan was to release the limited edition t-shirt later this month but with Windsor appearing on the show, the timing felt right to unveil it now.

"This happened and it was just so perfect and the timing was right on so we said lets just launch this one shirt, The Simpsons shirt as a teaser to the rest of the collection," says Saddy.    

He says they started working on the shirt late last year and only a limited number have been printed.

"We only made under 30 shirts so it's extremely limited," says Saddy.  "We just want to build the hype of our own product, something Windsor, something that says us at the same time giving that relate ability."   


Photo courtesy of BB Branded

Sunday night's episode of The Simpsons, titled "D'Oh Canada," saw the cartoon family end up in Niagara Falls, New York.

Through a series of mishaps, Lisa Simpson goes over the falls and the water that separates Ontario and New York.

She lands on the Canadian side and is admitted to hospital, where she realizes Canada is the place for her.

Lisa eventually ends up in Windsor and the episode also features Marge Simpson sneaking across the border, via the Ambassador Bridge, between Windsor and Detroit.

The shirt is located at the store's Devonshire Mall location.