Be Prepared If You're Crossing The Border This Weekend

A heads-up for anyone crossing the border this Thanksgiving long weekend.

The Canada Border Services Agency is telling everyone to plan ahead if you're crossing the border.

CBSA spokesperson Pamela Mintern says everyone should plan.

"Be ready with their travel documents, they should know their personal exemptions. They should be ready, not have sunglasses on or a hat. They should be ready to provide information to the border services officers honestly and be forthcoming with all their purchases," says Mintern.

She's also reminding everyone to keep track of what they buy when they're away.

"When a person is absent for more than 24 hours, each individual can claim goods up to $200 Canadian," says Mintern. "And then there are various tobacco and alcoholic beverages in the exemptions that are effected by 48 hours, where you can claim goods up to $800 per person."

Mintern is also reminding all travellers that while the use of recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Canada as of October 17, it's not legal, yet.

"We have received a lot of calls and questions about cannabis," she says. "Our message to Canadians is 'don't bring it in and don't take it out.' Despite the fact it will become legal and regulated in Canada, it will continue to be illegal to take it across international borders."

CBSA says the busiest day to cross the border is the Monday of the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.