Belle River Losing Service Ontario Location

After Thursday, resident in the Belle River area will have to travel further to access Ontario government services.

Service Ontario's contracted office is closing.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain is disappointed and frustrated there won't be access for those services in the municipality.

He says the town and the Belle River BIA have tried to find a solution, ppointing out the location is always busy.

Bain says it's going to mean driving to another community to get access to those services: "once the office closes people are going to have to head elsewhere and depending on where they live in Lakeshore Essex, possibly Leamington or even as far away as Windsor"

He says it might be time to re-examine the model the province has created for the Service Ontario locations asking whether there's adequate compensation for contract operators.

Bain points out there are some 36-thousand residents in Lakeshore and it's the fastest growing municipality in the region, why isn't a Service Ontario location viable?

He says the town will reach out to the province to see if a solution can be found.