Belle River Town Home Developer Appealing Lakeshore Council Decision

A Belle River developer is appealing a decision by Lakeshore council.

As heard on AM800 News, council voted 7-1 against a plan for two buildings with 10 units in total at 1581 County Rd. 22 in June.

While the town's planners recommended approval of the project, resident concerns persuaded council to reject the proposal.

In response, Azar Holdings has filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board.

Mayor Tom Bain says council received notice and is already seeking legal advice on how to proceed.

"It'll come back to council with the recommendations of the lawyer, and we'll have another look at do we need to hire a further lawyer? Do we need to look at hiring a separate planner? There's a lot of questions there to be answered," says Bain.

It's not often council votes against recommendations brought forward by administration, but Bain says the situation is an example of council listening to public input.

He says council will stand by its decision.

"We're a democratic society, we're a democratic council and that's the majority of what council has decided and we stand united once a decision is made as a united council," says Bain.

He says residents must be prepared to defend their position should the appeal succeed.

"Make sure that they've got good sound, basic reasoning, on decisions that they're making in opposing the condominium development. Once the OMB makes it's ruling they'll have to go alone with that ruling or appeal to an even higher board," says Bain.

He says there's no word on when the OMB hearings would begin.

With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza