Bets Top $30,000 at Leamington Raceway for Opening Day


A successful opening day for horse racing at Leamington Raceway.

Bets topped $30,000.

Lakeshore Horse Racing Association member Tom Bain says the goal for opening day is $20,000.

He says it was a good day for the racers.

"They were glad to see the increase in the purse money," says Bain.  "That means they're able to pay their bills back home when they go home so that increase of $9000 a Sunday certainly was welcomed by all the horse people there."


Photo courtesy of @Lakeshoretrack

Bain believes the season will have high calibre horse races with fuller fields.

"Unfortunately we had three tracks racing this past weekend, all on the weekend which made it difficult to fill some of our fields but now Dresden will be closed and you'll see full fields, higher calibre horses and some excellent horse racing," says Bain.     

He says an estimated 1000 people enjoyed the races on Sunday.

Sunday was the first of 13 race dates at the raceway.

The races will happen every Sunday until October 27th.