Better Than Expected Enrolment Fueling UWindsor Investment

Better than expected enrolment means the University of Windsor will be able to better invest in the student experience.

President Alan Wildeman says that means enhancements to programs like the Bystander Initiative which support sexual assault prevention.

A nine month review of the 2017-2018 operating budget shows both graduate and undergraduate enrolment saw positive adjustments leading to a $2.6-million increase in tuition revenues.

Revenues are set to climb again as enrolment continues to trend upwards heading into the new school year with 700 more applications submitted than projected.

Wildeman says investing in the student experience touches on everything from facilities and programs to bed sheets and vending machines at the university.

"It's a whole range of things — it's the kinds of services that are available, it's food, it's residences, it's counselling services," says Wildeman. "We're going to be making some investments in mental health support, sexual assault prevention."

He says the increased revenue will make it easier to invest in sexual assault prevention programs.

"We want to make sure that every first-year student coming into the University of Windsor has a chance to take the bystander initiative program to get training in how to recognize where there might be someone at risk of being sexually assaulted — and the bystander program is one that's been shown to have a really positive impact."

Wildeman says investing in the student experience and safety is being made easier because of improved cost savings thanks to new facilities as well.

"As new buildings come online, they're a lot more energy efficient than we thought they would be and so, we're finding some savings in utilities costs; those are really important."

Plans for the university's newest facility, the Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre, were on display at a public open house held last Wednesday.