Big Lines Expected For Used Book Sale

If you're planning to attend the annual Terry Fox Giant Used Book Sale this weekend in Tecumseh, be prepared to wait in line.

As many as 300 eager readers lined up last Saturday for the 10th annual event at a former Dollarama store on Manning Rd.

Organizer Marian Drouillard says the line-up started at around 8am and she wasn't surprised.

"People look forward to it. The very same people that you see in here, most of them, they're buying books today to hold onto them to bring them back and donate them," she says. 

Drouillard says this year's price structure may have drawn in a few new book hunters.

"Typically we used to have like $2 pricing for hard covers and $1 for paperbacks and 50-cents for the other sizes, but everything's $1," she says.

Drouillard say they collected a ton of books this year and they hope to haul in a ton of cash for a good cause.

"We collected an incredible 47,702 books, so we actually count them and  that's how many we have. If we can sell 30,000 or more that would be very nice," says Drouillard.

The sale continues Saturday from 9am to 4pm leading up to Sunday's Terry Fox Run.


With files from Teresinha Medeiros