Bike Lane Cash Comes To Leamington

Leamington is getting over $100,000 in cash for new bike trails.

The boost comes from the $42.5-million Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program funded through cap and trade proceeds.

The funds support up to 80% of trail projects with the municipality on the hook for the other 20%.

Leamington administration is now reviewing projects the $117,932.61 can be use towards before getting council approval.

Mayor John Paterson says work has already been approved for new trails along Seacliff Dr. in 2018 to connect Leamington and Kingsville.

"You know we've been trying, I think rather hard, to develop the trails — bicycling or cycling trails — through and around Leamington for a number of years so, this little chunk of change will come in handy."

Paterson stresses building up the town's cycling infrastructure is crucial for the upcoming generation.

"It really is the future that we have to take into consideration. This is what the new, younger generation is looking for — most municipalities I think understand that pedestrian traffic, whatever you want to call it, supercedes that of the automobile in many instances now."

He's confident the town will be the money to good use.

"I know on Erie St. we're looking at the possibility of extending the bicycle lanes that we have from Hwy. 77 into town through town and maybe right down to the waterfront but, there are other side streets that we have talked about in general."

The council for the Municipality of Leamington meets for the first time of the year on Monday at 6pm.