Bike Windsor-Essex Applauds Ontario Tourism Announcement

Bike Windsor-Essex is praising a provincial tourism announcement.

During the Ontario Bike Summit in Toronto on Wednesday, Tourism Minister Eleanor McMahon announced the launch of Ontario's first cycling tourism plan called "Tour By Bike".

It's a tourism strategy focused on cycling.

Bike Windsor-Essex Executive Director, Lori Newton told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that the announcement re-enforces what they have been trying to do. "She (Minister McMahon) recognizes the importance, not only as an economic driver but also the importance of keeping people safe on the roads. Sometimes we forget that cyclists have a right to safe spaces along with pedestrians"

Newton says it is important to keep the momentum going. "Cyclist tourism is a big deal across the world, so partnering with our friends in the U.S is very important."

Newton adds that Windsor needs to do a better job of building protected bike lanes because a white lane on the road isn't enough.