Bike Windsor-Essex Being Evicted From Downtown Home

Bike Windsor-Essex is looking for a new space to call home.

They've been in a portion of the Capitol Theatre downtown and last week received an eviction notice.

The space is city owned, but is managed by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

Executive Director Lori Newton admits this was a complete blindside.

She says they had not had any advance indication there were problems.

"An absolute utter shock, we had no indication that there were any problems or issues" says Newton.  "We are about halfway through our three year lease, we've made a lot of improvements to the site and we were completely taken aback"

Newton says the symphony has offered to meet with them to explain, but she's not sure it's worth it.

"I understand that it wouldn't change the outcome at any rate, so we are trying to just put our best foot forward and be positive and seek the community's help in finding a new home we can go to"

She says there was an escape clause for the city, but this was never anticipated.

"The lease was drawn up by the City of Windsor, we were very aware that it was a City of Windsor property we were leasing from.  There was a clause in the lease that allowed either party to leave with 90 days notice, but we never imagined that it would come to pass"

Newton says they have until the end of August to be out, but hope to find a new space before that.

She says many volunteers have helped transform the area from a derelict space to what it is now

Newton says they're hoping to remain in the downtown, because many of the people they support are new Canadians or live in the core.