'Billies Place' Finds A New Home

Billie's Place has found a new home.

The long time Olde Sandwich Town pub was forced to close its doors last week due to unsafe conditions.

'Billie's Place' owner, Billie Jo Zacher says the Dominion House and co-owners Chris Mickle and Cory Clarkson have welcomed her on board. 

Zacher says she'll be a co-owner and the best part  is nobody is out of a job as her staff will be moving over to the Dominion House as well. She says this is the best possible outcome.

"They approached with an offer and having the staff here was included in the offer, so we took it. It is perfect and their staff is making them feel welcomed and part of the team. So it's truly been amazing."

Zacher says she's happy to still be in the neighbourhood.

"Sandwich Town is a great area and the businesses, everybody works well together. We're trying to create an atmosphere for people to come and feel at home, like a 'Cheers' kind of place. Whether it be the Sandwich Town Festival, the Santa Claus Parade or just helping out."

She says it's been an emotional week.

"'Billie's' was created inside those walls. So whatever is inside there we're just going to bring wherever we go and we can create that whole family atmosphere and do it here where I started. So it's a perfect venue."

Zacher sees the return to Dominion House as somewhat of a homecoming. She was an employee there for 12 years before she opened 'Billie's Place' which has been a staple in Olde Sandwich Town for the past for 13 years. The former 'Billie's Place' property is set for demolition.