BluesFest Kicks off Four Nights of Headliners


It's time to party at Windsor's Festival Plaza along the city's riverfront.

The 6th annual Bluesfest kicks off Friday, Saturday and next weekend — it's the first time the festival has been spread out over two weekends.

President Rob Petroni says there is a different theme for all four nights which include 90's Throwback, Hot Rock Night, A Night of Amazing Blues and a Celebration of Prince.

He says last year, the festival attracted about 27,000 people and he is expecting the same, if not more, this year.

"It is going to be a party, that's what it is going to be," he says. "Last year, we proved that we are able to host a party and this year is going to be four days of partying."

Petroni says although there are big acts like Vanilla Ice, Young MC, Tone Loc and Buddy Guy, the real stars are the ones born here in Windsor-Essex.

"Local is the key. So we do bring in a great deal of tourists but local is where it is at, so if we didn't have the local bands, we wouldn't draw the local crowds like we do," he says.

Petroni says it is important to have different themes for all four nights.

"Windsor is not Toronto, so if you have a festival, we believe, with four nights of the same music, people aren't coming all four nights, so you have to draw from different crowds and that's what we are trying to do," he says.

If this year is successful, the festival may expand for ten days next year.