Boil Water Advisory Issued for Section of Pelee Island


A section of Pelee Island is under a boil water advisory.

Mayor Ray Durocher says the advisory is for the east-side of the island.

He says a toilet was left running which emptied the East Shore Water System.

Durocher says water for the east side is trucked in from the western part of the island.

"The east-side is on a trucked in water system and one of the toilets running constantly so it emptied the system," says Durocher.  "So the pressure dropped below certain PSI so the board of health is involved."   

Durocher says the local health unit is involved.

"We refilled the system and repaired the toilet," says Durocher.  "We have to have two consecutive good water readings before the boiled water system is lifted so it will take at least 48-hours but the system is up and running."    

Durocher says the boil water advisory impacts a camp ground and a few residents.

He says it will be in place for a minimum of 48-hours.

The west-side of the island is not affected.