Bondy Seeking Re-Election In Essex

A member of Essex town council is seeking a third term in office.

Sherry Bondy filed her nomination papers on Tuesday for October's municipal election.

Bondy has been the Ward 4 councillor for the last two terms and says she wants to keep moving the town forward. "I love the job that I'm doing," says Bondy.  "I want to continue with the many great things we're doing at the town of Essex, everything seems to be coming together. We got a housing strategy in place. I want to continue with our solid financial plan."

She also feels she has the support from the community. "I have key residents in the community that give me feedback along the way," says Bondy.  "I have animal lovers that give me feedback.  I have people that give me feedback on hydro initiatives.  I have people that give me feedback on environmental and people that give me feedback on budget so my strength that I feel like I have right now comes from my community."

Bondy says there was some pressure in the community for her to run for mayor or deputy mayor. "What I know I can handle and what I know I can do well, I feel I can do well is holding a council seat," says Bondy.  "So I'm not prepared to move up because of family but I certainly want to serve again, gain one more term of experience and then hopefully move up."

Larry Snivley also filed nomination papers on Tuesday as he plans to run for mayor.

Kim Verbeek is running in Ward 2 and Paul Innes is running in Ward 3.