Bone Marrow Match Found For Windsor Baby Girl (AUDIO)

A bone marrow match has been found for a Windsor girl with a genetic disorder.

Madalayna Ducharme was diagnosed with malignant infantile osteopetrosis.

It's a genetic disorder that attacks the vision, hearing and ultimately is life threatening.


But Madalayna's mother Tamara Ducharme says a donor has been found.

She says the family is overjoyed but scared because it means her now healthy baby will have to go through chemotherapy. She says it is incredible news.

"We are so overwhelmed with joy, we are so excited but we are scared because we have to proceed with the long journey," says Ducharme. "Moving forward they are going to put her on a regiment of chemo, that's why I am saying that I am scared, they sat  us down and told us all the affects and side effects and all these outcomes that are negative."

She says it's short term pain for long term gain.

"Right now she looks well and she is happy and a normal baby other than the couple of things that she had to have a schunt put in and we are going to have to see her decline."

Several bone marrow donor clinics were held to try and find a match. The donor's identity is being kept confidential..

A fundraiser is being organized to help the family with expenses.