Border Agents Now On Par With Police

A tentative agreement for Canada's Border Services Officers is being hailed as a "huge step forward."

The four-year deal includes a 17% wage increase for front-line workers.

They'll now be recognized as law enforcement officers, putting salaries on par with police.

Jean-Pierre Fortin, President of the Customs and Immigration Union, is recommending the union's 6,500 members vote in favour. "It's certainly something that we're very proud of, the bargaining team, we are really, really proud of what we were able to achieve at this round of bargaining. It was not easy. The members have been extremely patient, but they had faith."

"This is the biggest increase that we've saw in all of the community of law enforcement organizations Canada-wide," says Fortin. "When you're talking about a deal over 17%, to my knowledge, there's none of the federal law enforcement that have achieved that."

Ratification votes are being organized across the country.

The tentative deal is a retroactive deal, meaning they'll be negotiating another contract in a few months.