Boulbol Looking To Represent Liberals In Windsor-Tecumseh

An active member of the community is taking another crack at politics.

Remy Boulbol is seeking the Liberal nomination in Windsor-Tecumseh for the upcoming provincial election.

It's her first time seeking a provincial seat.

The mother of three ran in the last municipal election and had a strong showing but lost to Chris Holt in ward 4.       

Boulbol feels she's the right person to lead the riding.

"I want to make sure we have effective, competent representation at Queen's Park," says Boulbol.  "I think we as a community deserve that and we in Windsor-Tecumseh obviously deserve that and we'll have that."

Boulbol says she's invested in the community and feels strongly about public service.

"It's about listening to the needs of the community that I am living in, that I'm raising my family in, that I'm working closely in and bringing those issues forward to Queen's Park, bringing forward the issues that are very clearly made by the residents of Windsor-Tecumseh," says Boulbol.           

The seat is currently held by the NDP's Percy Hatfield.

Mohammad Latif is running for the Ontario PC party

The Windsor-Tecumseh Liberal Riding Association will hold its nomination meeting next Thursday (6pm) at the Serbian Centre in east Windsor.