Brain Injury Survivor Honoured on Butterfly Monument

There's a new name on Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County's "Butterfly Monument" in Assumption Park.

Katherine Worotny suffered a serious brain injury in a car crash 26 years ago.

She was a teacher at the time, but when she emerged from a six week coma her life had changed.

Worotny's message to others recovering from a brain injury is to not give up, there is hope.

She says the impact left her unable to teach any more.

"Which caused some memory problems and it caused problems with anger and lack of judgement and it also caused short term memory problems and word finding  problems," says Worotny.

Worotny adds there are not enough support services in the community for people recovering from a brain injury.

Local Brain Injury Association Executive Director, Anna Jurak, says reporting a brain injury is extremely important.


Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County President Leanne Cecine, survivor Katherine Worotny and associaiton Executive Director Anna Jurak, Assumption Park, May 31, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Because we found out from coaches who've had to learn about concussion protocol that kids aren't telling them that they hit their head," says Jurak. "And if they don't tell and they hit their head again the consequences are much more severe."

Jurak says people have been focused a lot on concussion, but don't make the connection that it's a brain injury.

She says prevention is a major focus of what they do and giving helmets out and making presentations in classrooms is a key to that.