UPDATED: Charges Laid In Belle River Murder

Charges have been laid in relation to Thursday night's stabbing in Belle River.

A 17-year-old from Lakeshore is facing several charges, including second degree murder and two counts of causing bodily harm after 18-year-old Marcus Pierce of Windsor died of his injuries.

OPP were called for an altercation involving several people in the area of Cooper Cres. and Lenore St. around 9:50pm Thursday.

Residents in the town are having a hard time believing the deadly violence happened in their quiet town.

"It was pretty shocking," says Dana Lesperance, a resident of Lakeshore. "I got a text from my brother that it happened and I was more concerned that I knew someone that it happened too."

Lesperance says there's fighting in every town, but this is something new for Lakeshore.

"There have been little bouts of violence in the area, but nothing like this," says Lesperance. "I'm wondering what happened, was it intentional, was it gang related?"

Diane Baillargeon has lived in the area for more than 23 years and says a stabbing is not something you'd associate with Lakeshore.

"Horrible, it's hard to believe, I don't get it," says Baillargeon. "Small town, it shouldn't happen and I'm sorry it did. Unfortunately those things happen but, not good, not good, hopefully never again."

The incident has 24-year-old Nathan Baillargeon hoping it's not the start of a trend in the area.

"It's unfortunate, you know, it doesn't happen very often here, we're fortunate about that. It's not like Detroit or anything. Hopefully we don't see it very often," he says. "Parties are going to happen when you're a teenager anyways. I think one of the main problems is that all these kids walking around with fricken knives in their pockets. They shouldn't have knives in their pockets in the first place."

Police say the suspect will remain in custody until his bail hearing July 27.

The 18-year-old victim is survived by his infant son.