Bridge Authority Names New Head Of Operations

There's a new person heading up the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority.

While CEO Michael Cautillo remains on a personal leave of absence, the board wanted to have someone in charge.

Board member Andre Juneau is taking over the position as Chief Operating officer of the WDBA.

WDBA spokesperson Mark Butler says Juneau is no longer on the board, having resigned to take the COO job.

He says Juneau will be the CEO in everything but title with signing authorities and other powers of that position.

Butler says Juneau is a very qualified administrator.

"He retired from the government of Canada some years ago, he's a Fellow of Queen's University Institute of Governmental Relations, where he was a director there from 2010 to 2013" said Butler. "He's a past chair of the National Board of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada"

Butler makes it clear Juneau is not an engineer and that aspect of the work on the 3 proponents' proposals will be handled by the senior administrative team.

Butler says there is not timeline for Cautillo's return, but indicates Juneau is giving a 6-month window for filling the COO role.