Bridge Company Using Lawn Signs To Motivate Home Demolitions

It's not an attempt to get elected, but it looks like that.

The Ambassador Bridge has put up lawn signs in the neighbourhood around where the bridge lands in west Windsor.

Those signs call on city council to allow for the demolition of the boarded up houses in Sandwich Towne.

Hunter Kersey is a longtime west end resident who is also the Director of Safety and Security at the Detroit International Bridge Company.

Speaking on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800, he says an incident with a child motivated him to launch the campaign.

Kersey says the opioid crisis has added to the danger to the community from the boarded up houses.

"The conditions I have to deal with in these homes, they breed and they give a safe space for people to use needles.  So in light of that child coming into contact with a needle that's what spawned me into action"

Kersey says the houses are beyond the possibility of being renovated and because some are collapsing it's now a safety hazard to the community.


Ambassador Bridge lawn sign in front of a boarded up house, September 11, 2018 (by AM800's Teresinha Medieros)

He says residents in the vicinity of the boarded up houses aren't being heard.

"This is a 16 year struggle where people who have to live next to these homes, never once has the average neighbor's story been told. What they have to deal with.  When you talk to people in the community the general sense overwhelmingly 99.9% of people just want these homes gone"  

Kersey says the derelict homes have become an image of west Windsor in American rap videos.

He says it's time to bring a resolution to the situation.