Bridge Project On Schedule (VIDEO)

A new international crossing is on schedule according to Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority director Mark Butler.

He told AM800 News the bidding process for the Gordie Howe International Bridge is still underway, but the groundwork is being laid.

Butler says much of what's been done is hard to see, but lots of work has been completed, close to $200-million worth of work to be more accurate.

The ground the bridge is to be built on needs preparation, and Butler says preparations are going smoothly.

"We're currently on schedule. Last November we invited the three short listed proponents to come up with their bids," says Butler. "Their proposals on how they're going to build, what the design of the bridge is going to look like, the time table of the financing."

No structures have been built yet, but Butler says the most visible change is a 9m rise coming up from the Herb Grey Parkway to meet the new bridge

He says it took 1-million tons of fill.

Much of the other work on sewers, drainage, and cables, isn't something you'd be able to see without really looking according to Butler.

"Major rehabilitation on the Broadway Ave. drain, which was at one point maybe a meter wide. We've landscaped, we've excavated, we've enhanced the drainage, put in two of three storm water management ponds. These are huge things holding about 14-million litres of water," he says.

Butler told AM800 News there's still much to be done, but the site will be ready when it's time to ramp up construction in 2018.